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Leman Russ by StoryKillinger

As promised, I give you critique. This is a really handsome picture. The color can be described as lush in spite of a fairly simple pal...

Lust Fodder: 188k Thanks by TD-Vice
by TD-Vice

So for starters, this is a piece that seriously needs to be viewed at max-resolution - for one because size-compression creates horrifi...

Prophet of Damnation by TD-Vice
by TD-Vice

Right. Gonna just try out this whole "Critique" feature here, as I'm strapped now for writing anything else. Anyway, have I ever told y...


dA seems convinced that comments should be off by default. Amusing.
BALDER - Vol.1 (PDF) by Elite-Pirate
BALDER - Vol.1 (PDF)
"Truth is a state of mind. And more often than not, it's not the state of mind we desire."

Long time no talk, deviantART!

Behold: the first volume for my contribution to the budding community of the illustrious Star Citizen: BALDER.

2787 CE. For two centuries humanity has been held in a mailed grip of terror and madness under the reign of Ivar Messer's descendants. But as the regime loses sight of reality; so have the cracks begun to show.

Yevgeniy Balder is an ex-agent of the Advocacy, which watches over the clamoring United Empire of Earth for threats to the royal Messer Dynasty. Burned as an operative and stripped of his existence, Balder must survive in the twilight-edge of the law. But fate - and some very powerful people - have other plans for him...

This is a project which has been properly in the making for something like a year. The idea first emerged back in 2012, when Star Citizen was first announced, but I only actually started after an encouraging conversation with David Ladyman, who heads the assembly of Cloud Imperium Games's Jump Point; a go-to periodical for the latest on the development of CIG's legendarily ambitious, record-breaking space sim.

As described in the opening pages, the cover art is the product of the incredible StoryKillinger. And no -- I'm not saying that just to kiss ass and hope for gift-art! He's a magnificent artist. If you don't watch him already for his stunning 40K and fantasy stuff, then do so now!

You can learn more about Star Citizen and the associated military space combat-simulator Squadron 42 at the Roberts Space Industries website, listed below:

Like Balder? Hate Balder? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below, or shoot a message on the BALDER thread in the RSI forums.

See you 'Round the 'Verse!

- Staffen
The fuck is this thing?
Thanks for the birthday wishes. New stuff is incoming within this next week.

The Metroid Thing Again

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 12, 2013, 11:04 AM

Something that's been bugging me every time I see a new image in the Metroid galleries I subscribe to:

Where'd we get the whole idea that a genocidal, mundicidal  mercenary would give two shits about the larva of a murderous species bio-engineered for the sole purpose of sewing mass-destruction and galaxy-wide terror?

is that even a motif?
How'd that become a thing? It obviously wasn't present in Super Metroid, which seems to have been all that the 'Sakamoto crowd' have been playing the last 20 years, since this is the most affectionate thing Samus did in the entirety of that game for the baby metroid:

What a striking, heart-warming metaphor for motherhood. My favorite part is the scientist's apparently gaping-open jaw. He looks almost inhuman. He may be inhuman though, so whatever.

I can also count on one hand the number of times 'de baybee' was mentioned in Fusion as well. Uh, once - in the opening, no less: She doesn't even mention the maternally-mistaken mindless biological killing-machine when she talks with ADAM after finding the metroid cloning lab.

ADAM: So, uh, yeah, the Federation was cloning metroids. Also, there's a bunch of X-clones of you, so uh, yeah, you might wanna run.
Samus: Huh, cool. Wait, what was that last part?


Samus's monologues were great across Fusion because she was reflective and giving her perspective on events with a unique light that seems to have the touch of the sort of grey-zone-of-the-law career she leads. When she talked about why she called her ship AI Adam, it was like she was sitting at a bar telling old stories to a drinking buddy, not pouring her shallow, inconsistently remorseful thoughts out at us.


Don't think too much of this. I was just musing on the fact one of my favorite video game characters is actually a really flat character at her core, and is now irrevocably broken due to some very shitty and immodest writers.


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